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During the Harmonic Brass and Cincinnati Pops brass quintet joint tour in Germany, in 2017, Elisabeth and I, talked and shared our common interests and  beliefs about the importance of chamber music in our lives, and  decided to join efforts in defying the challenges that one encounters in playing chamber music in this busy, crazy, fast moving world. Thus, an idea, and CE, was born, where instrumentation restrictions, borders, distances, schedules, even oceans, should not be an obstacle in making and creating beautiful music. Promoting new music, arranging classic masterpieces and recording these, proves that we succeeded.

Currently, we are preparing a masterclass, recital series, where we teach students, on how to use technology to improve our musicianship and be more active chamber music players. 

For schedueling, or more information about our masterclass/recital series use the CONTACT page to get in touch with us.

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